Becoming a member

Have you tried the #OVImun experience yet? We know that #OVImun, thanks to the work of those members who year after year go the extra mile in the organization, has reached a place of privilage with other models of our country. Although to mantain it, we’re not enough alone. Becoming a member of this society and the model’s organization team will not require you more than a few hours of your free time, and you’ll get to know a bunch of people with your same inquietudes and a big desire: improving OVImun, so that each edition is better than its previous one.

That’s why we need you. You, who know at first hand all that meaning of the #OviedoCalling that we launch every year in that spring week; but also you, that have being spoken about OVImun and have an itch for experiencing it for the first time, because you have recently began your studies or your friends simply didn’t have the persuasion needed to talk you into before. So, whether you live/study here in Oviedo or you do it abroad, your colaboration is more needed than ever.

We’re waiting for you!!

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