Are you a good negotiator? Do you enjoy debating and confronting opinions? If so, in OVImun we offer you the possibility of defending a country’s position, emulating negotiations of the authentic delegates of the United Nations. Creativity, a willingness to dialogue and the originality in presenting proposals are essential values in the development of this activity. If you are interested in global politics and are driven to reflect with us about the great problems that affect the international community, the role of Delegate is specially thought for you.

You will have a great chance to approach the positions of that country whose interests you will be defending, as well as getting to know its political and cultural reality; a perfect occasion to understand the reason for their positions before international bodies. Additionally, you will be able to negotiate with those States with which your country maintains differences and present individual or joint resolution proposals with other delegations that share your position and interests.

A unique experience, thought for people with interest and initiative, which will help you understand the complexity of international negotiations.