General Assembly

“Protection of civilians in conflict zones”
Since the beginning of the nineteenth century, we have compromised from a safer but less stable world to a more stable but much more insecure world in which anyone can become a target at any moment. The turning point was possibly World War I. Since then, the evolution of conflicts has led to greater integration and confusion between combatants and the civilian population, and a greater lack of courage on the part of global players in breaching the provisions of the Geneva Convention and its additional protocols. During World War I civilian casualties were over 40% of total casualties; In the Lebanon War (1982) the number of civilian casualties exceeded 80%; And during the war in Syria we were impassive in the use of chemical arsenal, bombing of civilian targets, United Nations colleges … The trend scenario is an unpunished increase of civilian casualties during conflicts, and the objective of the International Community Being to avoid this new form of making the war more and more ruthless.