Human Rights Council (UNHRC)

“Human Trafficking”
Human trafficking is a crime which exploits children, women and men with several goals, such as forced labour and sex. The International Labour Organization calculates that almost 21 million people are victims of this forced labour. All countries are affected by human trafficking, either as origin countries or as a destination for the victims.
In 2010 the General Assembly adopted a Plan of Global Action in order to eradicate this trafficking. Afterwards, in 2013 this authority and its State Members established June 30th as the International Day Against Human Trafficking. It is said that this day is necessary in order to raise awareness of all human trafficking victims’ situation and to promote and protect their rights.

“Religious teaching and symbols at Schools”
Religion is considered to be a basic prop in the cultural baggage of the different nations and therefore, an instrument of vital importance as issuer of values. Nevertheless, what is really is questioned is if this formation must be taught in the school institution or, on the other hand, to be given out of it. Religious education as subject of the formal curriculum has been traditionally present in educational systems all around the world. In spite of it, there are many who nowadays  claim a school without confessional religious formation.



Russia                                                         France                                          United Kingdom

Poland                                                       Germany                                                  USA

Vatican State (obs.)                                   Italy                                                      Turkey

Cuba                                                            Brazil                                                  Venezuela

México                                                    Honduras                                                 Jordan

Saudi Arabia                                           Lebanon                                                    Irak

Pakistan                                           Palestine (invited)                                         India

China                                                        Thailand                                                   Iran

Ethiopia                                                    North Korea                                     South Africa

Nigeria                                                       Algeria                                                 Morocco