The relatively distant and technocrat nature of the Untied Nations, distant from citizens, turns lobbies into a very important figure in the process of the decision making and defence of varied interests, whether it is through economic groups, non-governmental rganizations, trade unions or think tanks.

Lobbies provide with experience and a particular vision of problems, particularly those interests that can occasionally be ignored or forgotten. Their main task is to approach countries to their positions, avoiding counterproductive resolutions according to their objectives.

A mission developed behind the scenes, away from the spotlights that light up world leaders in their speeches, at service of the most delicate tasks and objectives. You have to be subtle, persuasive, good negotiator, have in mind that other lobbies are doing the exact same thing as you… but in the opposite direction.


Here you have a complete list of all the Lobbies that will be present at the simulation.

Human Rights Council (english committee).

Topic A: Right to healthcare and pharmaceutical industry


Bergman is a global company whose goals are not only about profitable business activity, but also operating sustainably and being socially compromised. All our effort is directed towards improving people´s quality of life, and of course, maintaining leadership positions in all of our markets.

Global Healing Association

Global Healing Association is a worldwide movement of more than 3 million people who give their time and knowledge fighting for the rights of every person that suffers any illness and does not have access to healthcare assistance: either because there is no healthcare system in their region, or because the medicines are unaffordable. Nowadays, we are working on more than 10 countries, tearing down the obstacles between health and pharmaceutical industry interests.

Topic A: Refugees: issues and answers

W.U.A.F.I. – Western Union Against Foreign Invasion.

We are a citizen movement trying to preserve our culture and social values in Europe, since they are now in danger because of the massive arriving of Muslim people. We think our capacity of host refugees is limited and that we should give asylum only to those who prove the refugee condition.

Council for assisting refugee communities

From the last year, we have been giving everyone the second chance that the war has stolen: we help refugees in the hardest trip of their lifes. Sometimes they need legal assistance, food, water, clothes and places to live, but what they always need is the friendly hug that says “WELCOME”.


General Assembly

International Peace Observatory

We are a think tank which contribute to the peace preservation and the resolution of conflicts through negotiation. In order to do this, we elaborate reports about armamentistic development, the armamentistic industry and military expenditure in general. A durable peace is related development in all the countries and the prevention is our best weapon.

W:A.D.S. – Worldwide Aeronautic Defense and Space

We are the most important industrial corporation of military technology in the United States. We produce naval, terrestrial and aeronautic defense material for the main governments of the world. While doing this we provide thousands of jobs and we contribute to a peace society.


Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

United People Organization

Jaded of witness how the interests of the citizens pass over to a second level as a consequence of the government of the markets, this citizen movement, which encompass several NGOs, is born. From the United People Organization we will provide a voice to whom the macroeconomics data has silenced.


Our business is to invest for our clients, from institutional investors to fathers, doctors or teachers, who have put their trust on us. From our HQ in Frankfurt, our compromise is to offer a professional and committed vision of what to do with their savings. Because of this, companies, institutions and governments all around the world trust us so they can face their biggest financial challenges.