Welcome Letter

In the year 2010 a group of colleagues form university decided to carry out an ambitious project: to create a simulation of the United Nations in Asturias. And they did it. Through this, they have achieved to bring us closer to one of the most relevant and influential bodies in the international landscape.

Today, six years later, it is a pleasure for me as Directress General to give you a warm welcoming to the VI Model of the United Nation of the University of Oviedo, which will take place in April 2017 in the Parliament of the Principality of Asturias. An extraordinary forum in which to simulate the main bodies of the United Nations and where you, the participants, will be able to get into the world of International Relations by putting yourself into the shoes of true Diplomats.

OVImun is a reflection of our own objective of raising awareness about the current situation of our world, our main engine being the idea of “the future belongs to those who have done a lot for the sake of humanity” (Louis Pasteur).

Thus, we intend to visualize the problems of humanity in order for participants to acquire new knowledge, share experiences and exchange convictions which allow you to grow both at a professional and a personal level.

The organizing team has already begun to work in this new edition, focusing their efforts to make OVImun 2017 and unforgettable experience.

See you in Oviedo,

Cristina Chacón Armayor

Directress General