Who are we?

Ovimun is a university association of the University of Oviedo which is made up of youngsters committed with the rest of the University community and with society in general. Our objective is to boost and bring training activities closer to students, that will allow them to improve academically and personally further beyond their university lessons.

Being aware of the many oportunities available, but do not always reach students easily, we decided to get down to work and started organizing activities such as talks, colloquia, debates and simulations. Our main activity is the Model of the United Nations, but we are open to foster new activities and projects that pursue a better educational and cultural offer to young people.

We wish to contribute to our fellow colleagues with a meeting space, where it would be possible to put into practice the skills and attitudes that are taught at University and which, for one reason or another, do not usually focus on the teaching plan.

Every year we organize an Model of the United Nations, that is a simulation of the international organization in which students play the role of diplomats of different States and defend the posture that the State would have in real life. Negotiating, debating or persuading are some of the skills put to practice, accompanied by an incredible set of social events in which you can relax and enjoy.

At present, the Association is focusing its efforts in organizing the VI Model of the United Nations of the University of Oviedo, in order to provide with a hands-on experience to its students, which has been so succesful in other Universities and has inspired its participants to collaborate and carry out other projects compromised with the educational environment.

The VI Model of the United Nations in the University of Oviedo, will take place in the city of Oviedo between the 3th and 7th of April, specifically in the ‘Junta General del Principado de Asturias’ or Regional Parliament, and in the Historical Building of the University. Little by little, through this webpage, we will share all news that we find out.

Enthusiasm, willing to learn and work, companionship and eagerness are what make OVImun possible.