Human Rights Council (English) 2016

«Right to healthcare and pharmaceutical industry»

The right to universal access to Health is one of the fundamental pillars on which any rule of law or social welfare is based. Furthermore, it is closely related to the right to life, which is expressly enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 10th December 1948. Without it, many other rights would be meaningless. However, this right must be safeguarded by international special regulations; and this is because, unfortunately, Health has become a lucrative business on which an entire industry of billionaire values is supported: pharmaceuticals.

«Refugees: issues and answers«

Their journey began in war, poverty and oppression. Nearly 400000 refugees are fleeing from Syria,Iraq and Afghanistan. A ceaseless flow of humanity driven by fear, insecurity and lack of opportunity.

Protecting refugees is the core mandate of the United Nations High Commissioner for refugees. However, the migrant crisis is testing the limits of EU cooperation. Far from being finished, their journey to safety has only began and debate has never been more urgent.

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